Saturday, May 19, 2007

Call for Mendel's Garden #15

Well it looks like I'll be helping out Paul and Rich with Mendel's Garden.

I'll also be hosting the next Mendel's Garden at The Daily Transcript on June 3rd. To submit an entry email me or click here.

The July edition (#16) will be hosted by Hsien at her new home, Eye on DNA. If anyone wants to volunteer beyond July please email us.

Also here are some new tags for you to stick on to your blog. First copy & paste the code onto your blog template then erase the three asterisks (i.e. the "*").

<*a title="Mendel's Garden" href=""><*img height="15" alt="Mendel's Garden" src="" width="80" /><*/a>

<*a title="Mendel's Garden" href=""><*img border="1" height="39" alt="Mendel's Garden" src="" width="88" /><*/a>


Blogger Paul Decelles said...

These are nice tags! Thanks for doing this.

2:37 PM  
Blogger apalazzo said...

No problem :)

5:36 AM  

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